Elvee/Rosenberg Inc.


View all "Chinese" #12 #15 #18 #21 #24 #26 -Silver 100 100M 100Yd 10MM 10X12MM 10X14MM 10X17MM 10X18MM 10X4MM 10X6MM 10X7MM 10X8MM 10X9MM 11MM 11X10MM 11X14MM 11X4MM 11X5MM 11X7MM 11X8MM 12MM 12X1.5MM 12X10MM 12X11MM 12X22MM 12X7MM 12X8MM 12X9MM 13MM 13X12MM 13X2.6MM 13X7.8MM 13X7MM 13X8MM 14.5X1.8MM 14MM 14X1.5MM 14X10MM 14X26MM 14X7MM 14X9MM 15MM 15X10MM 15X11MM 15X2.3MM 15X5MM 15X7MM 16MM 16X11MM 16X13MM 16X14MM 16X15MM 16X30MM 16X9MM 17MM 17X18MM 17X19MM 17X6MM 17X9MM 18.5X13.5MM 18MM 18X12MM 18X13MM 18X14MM 18X15MM 18X5MM 19MM 1MM 2-Hole 20MM 20X10MM 20X11MM 20X14MM 20X17MM 20X8MM 21MM 21X16MM 21X17MM 22MM 22X12MM 22X15MM 22X16MM 22X9MM 23MM 23X6MM 24MM 24X12MM 24X14MM 24X16MM 24X18MM 24X19MM 25MM 25X12MM 25X18MM 25X20MM 25X63MM 26MM 26X11MM 26X16MM 26X18MM 26X21MM 26X8MM 27MM 28MM 28X10MM 28X16MM 28X21MM 29X28MM 2MM 30MM 30X10MM 30X13MM 30X14MM 30X16MM 30X20MM 30X24MM 30X30MM 31X11MM 31X12MM 32MM 32X19MM 32X8MM 33X20MM 34X27MM 34X36MM 35MM 35X17MM 36MM 36X18MM 38X20MM 38X25MM 38X26MM 38X29MM 38X31MM 39MM 39X12MM 39X27MM 3MM 4 4-Prong 4.5MM 40MM 40X30MM 40X55MM 40X9MM 42MM 42X15MM 42X26MM 43X43MM 45X25MM 45X30MM 45X32MM 47X35MM 48MM 48X14MM 48X38MM 49X20MM 4MM 4X13MM 4X8MM 50X30MM 50X32MM 52X42MM 52X52MM 55MM 5MM 60X25MM 65X18MM 6MM 6X10MM 6X12MM 6X13MM 6X16MM 6X9MM 7.5X1.3MM 70X14MM 7X11MM 7X2MM 7X5MM 7X6MM 8MM 8X10MM 8X14MM 8X4MM 8X6MM 8X9MM 9MM 9X11 9X11MM 9X2MM A.B.Faceted Acrylic Amethyst Amy And Baguette Ball Baroque Bead Beadchain Beads Belly Bicone Black Blue Brass Brown Button Cab Camel CamelTweed CamelTweedSquare Cap Caviness Ceramic Chanel Checkerboard Copper Coral Cord Cotton Croc Cross Crystal Cube Cut Daisy Dappled Dgroup1 Dgroup2 Diagonal Diamond Dice Disc Dot Dots Drop Drops Ear Earclip Elastic Emerald Engraving Eyeglass Faceted Fancy Filigree Flat Flatback Flattened Fleck Flower FlowerAndLeaf Fluted For Fruit Ft Garnet Gilt Givre Glass Glasstwist Gold Goldtone Green Grey halloween Heart Hematite Hole Hoop Houndstooth Imitation Interlock Italy Ivory Jet Lace Lacquered Lb Leather Linen Link Links Long Loop Macaroni Mat Mat-Gold Mesh Metal Meter MOP Multicolor Mustard Naturals Nickel Nugget Nuggets Nylon Octagon Orange Oval Oz Pantone2017ColoroftheYearGreenery Papermache Peacock Pear Pearl Pearshape Pendant Pink Plastic Plated Ply Pointed Polka Pony Pp Pyramid Rectangle Rectangular Red Rhinestone Ribbed Ridged Rim Ring Rivoli Rondel Round Rubber Rust S29 Sapphire Set Shell Shiny Silver Spl Spool Square Square.Cab Ss39 Ss47 Star Stars Stick Stone Stones Striate Stripe Striped Stripes Strung Acrylic Colored Beads Studded Swirl The Thread Tiffany Tigertail Tin Tombo Topaz Triangle Triangular Triple Tube Turquoise Tweed Twist Valentine Waxed White Wire Wood Yd YelloRust Yellow ~10 ~300